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Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions allow you to set goals, identify specific needs, work with challenges, and take your practice to the next level. Our experienced Certified Yoga Instructors create customized plans that will help you achieve your goals and leave you feeling healthy, fit, and confident.

Inquire About Privates by emailing:

About Our Yoga

At The Pad, our goal is to inspire a practice that leaves you feeling stronger and more centered in both body and mind. We believe that yoga is for everyone – and offer a range of classes whatever your age, strength, or flexibility.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga that joins the physical postures, or asanas, with conscious breath, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice. By connecting breath and movement, you will feel a satisfying sense of inward connection and strength. The class is structured to help you feel physically and mentally challenged and completely present and relaxed. Themes, level of intensity, and pace will vary depending on the teacher. These classes are music-filled and the studio is heated to 85 degrees.

*We welcome all levels to this class.

Soul Flow

A breath-driven, soul-powered dynamic flow designed to awaken and connect the body, heart, and soul. This class will be set to tunes that empower a deeper connection to Self and community. The flow will be followed by a floor sequence dedicated to creating spaciousness and peace.

*We welcome all levels to this class.

Slow Flow & Restore

Our Slow Flow & Restore classes incorporate a yin-style mindful movement in preparation for a steady, graceful, yet strong slow-flow vinyasa class that includes standing poses. The pace is meditative, emphasizing calm in body and mind. With some restorative poses woven in as well, classes leave you feeling grounded and peaceful.

*We welcome all levels to this class.

Vinyasa Power Yoga

Energizing, music-filled, and appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, this is a dynamic and physically demanding class that will strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, and energize your body, mind, and spirit. You can expect a quicker pace and a heart-pumping and sweaty flow.

The studio is heated to 85 degrees.

*We welcome all levels to this class.

Align + Flow

An all-level vinyasa class that emphasizes proper alignment and activation in yoga postures combined with a fluid flow. Classes are smartly sequenced to include poses that build strength, flexibility, and deep focus in the mind and body. The class is heated to 85 degrees.

*This class is aimed to assist newer students of yoga or those preferring to flow at a slower pace.

Hatha Yoga

The class teaches healthy alignment with a strong focus on joining breath and movement. Our Hatha sessions are based on classic and ancient yoga practices and offers instruction on the deeper layers of yoga including pranayama exercises, yoga philosophy, and meditation technique. The class is heated to 85 degrees.

*We invite beginners and seasoned students to advance their practice with this offering.

Prenatal Yoga

Giving birth to a baby is the most athletic event most women will ever experience. Maintaining a regular yoga practice throughout pregnancy will support your changing body, aid in the labor and delivery of your baby, and encourage a healthy recovery. This challenging class is designed for the pregnant mom looking to connect with breath and body, fostering physical well-being and mental peace during pregnancy. We aim to help your baby grow with the devotion, protection, and nourishment of yoga.

In addition to weekly Pre/Postnatal Yoga Classes and regular Prenatal Workshops, we offer private sessions with instructors with specialized training in pre/postnatal yoga.

Postnatal Yoga *Mommy Baby Yoga* – with babies

This class is designed to help rebuild strength after the many changes the body undergoes during pregnancy. Learn to honor these changes and modify your practice as needed. Poses will be given to address issues such as diastasis, weak pelvic floor, sciatica, tight shoulders, and neck from lifting and feeding your baby. Take a moment for yourself to re-center, heal, and meet other mothers!

Pre-crawling babies are welcome.

Restorative Flow & Sound Healing

Restorative Flow + Sound Healing offers a slow-paced, grounding flow that gives students the opportunity to get deeper in the postures while still building heat and strength through mindful and fluid movement with long holds. After connecting and opening through movement, the class will conclude with some restorative postures and live sound healing played during savasana. This is a great class for students of all levels, athletes, and those looking to deepen their practice both physically and mentally, and a sweet way to wind down and reset before the week begins.

Private Yoga

Private yoga offers new students a more individualized way to learn basic postures and alignment or can help deepen and expand a more seasoned practice. Private sessions are available by appointment at The Pad or in your home. Please email with questions or to book a session.