Power Yoga

Power Yoga classes at The Pad are energizing, music-filled and appropriate for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.  At The Pad you will experience a dynamic and physically demanding class, which will strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and energize your body, mind and spirit.  If you are looking for a strengthening work out, you’ll get that… and then some.  All classes are taught in our heated studio to upbeat, contemporary music helping to keep you inspired and motivated along the way.

At The Pad, our goal is to inspire a practice that leaves you feeling stronger and more centered in both body and mind. Yoga is for everyone – regardless of age, strength or flexibility.

Power Yoga Private

Private yoga sessions are available by appointment only at The Pad or in your home.

Private yoga is ideal for those new to yoga, those looking to learn the basic postures and alignment or for more seasoned practitioners who are looking to explore deeper into the practice.

Our team of qualified and committed instructors is ready for you. Please email [email protected] with questions or to book a session.

Yoga to You

If you are interested in scheduling a one on one, small group or corporate yoga class one time or on a regular basis in your home or office please email [email protected] Rates vary.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga classes at The Pad give moms-to-be a perfect opportunity to take a breath and connect with their growing baby. Giving birth to a baby is the most athletic event most women will ever experience, which is why The Pad encourages low-risk pregnant clients to exercise throughout their pregnancy.

Corporate Yoga

On site yoga is an emerging theme among top tier companies in the Bay Area. It is a low cost and innovative employee perk for companies seeking to cut health care cost, reduce workplace stress and promote employee well being.

Kids & Family Yoga

At The Pad we care about family! In 2015, Bryant Resch, long time Pad client, Mom of two youngsters, and Director of Kids + Family programming, created the Tadpole program to serve Moms and Dads, infants and children as a way to serve this part of our community! The program includes babysitting, kids & family yoga, yoga series for school children, birthday parties and special afternoon events just for parents!


Our babysitting services are designed to coincide with our pilates and yoga classes so you can drop your little one(s) off and take a class. At the beginning of each babysitting session your child will meet new friends during circle time before choosing a station to play in. Stations include arts & crafts, dramatic play, building blocks and music. Each week will present a new theme that will help your child build positive life skills.

Babysitting is currently available every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00am.

*Tadpole room is sponsored by Sprout San Francisco

Babysitting Packages

Each session $10
10 Pack:               $80 ($20 savings)