Yoga Teacher Training FAQ

Why enroll in a 200 hour yoga TT?

The practice of yoga has awoken something in you… and you are hungry to taste more. You want to share the teachings of yoga, personally and/ or professionally. You feel called to do so.

Why should I enroll in the The Pad ~ Rosemary Garrison TT?

This training is a unique opportunity to practice with an all star team of teachers, thereby fostering a dynamic, multi-dimensional approach to your education.

Our lead trainer, Rosemary Garrison, E-RYT 500, brings over 20 years of practice and 15 years of teaching to the experience. She spent years in a deep Ashtanga Mysore practice with the most senior teachers in the tradition (Tim Miller, Patthabhi Jois, Eddie Stern). She then studied extensively with an array of Vinyasa Flow teachers (Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Cyndi Lee, Stephanie Snyder) to expand her knowledge and offering. Rosemary has also been a longtime student of meditation (Spirit Rock, Tassajara Zen Center). Her endless inquiry into the very nature of being drives her practice and her teaching. In addition to her practical experience and knowledge, Rosemary is known for her compassionate approach and above all- her dedication to fostering her students’ inner wisdom. Her ultimate intention as a teacher is to empower her students so that they may know their own infinite, divine light.

Lauren Cohen’s subtlety and creativity are precious gifts. She has the ability to call her students inward while also weaving a beautiful, engaging sequence. She will share these Sequencing Skills as well as her love of Yogic Philosophy- bringing the ancient texts and teachings alive.

Becca Schneider, nurse, doula and student of somatic psychology, offers the Pre and Post Natal module of our training. Wise and caring, Becca is a blessed addition to the team.

Nat Kendall lives and breathes Bhakti. He will share this heart centered aspect of the practice through rare musical gifts, as well as the devotional practices of mudra, mantra, prayer. He will also offer his love and knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita- another backbone of the teachings.

Leila Burrows, co-owner and devoted steward of The Pad, brings her successful business skills and experience. If your dream is to make teaching yoga your life work, you will leave this training with the tools to do so.

This team is devoted to you and your development as practitioner, teacher and human being. It is also an organic amalgamation of The Pad itself- which means your training will be rooted in the community ~ sangha of this beloved studio.

How do I choose the right 200 hour yoga TT for me?

Good question. It is important to resonate with your teachers. And to study within your community, thereby deepening it and reaping the benefits of being supported by it during such a transformational experience. It is also wise to choose a training that fits with your schedule and rhythm. Weaving your teaching training into your life, professionally and personally, is critical so

Who is the right candidate for this program?

You are! Just the fact that you are taking the time to read this material shows your interest and that you are ready to take your practice to a deeper level of understanding. Questions I would ask my self were I considering enrolling in the training program are:

Why do I want to do this?

How am I hoping to benefit?

Can I commit the time and energy?

Can I ask my family, friends, co-workers to support me during the training process ?

Am I ready to participate in a 200 hour yoga TT?

Inquiring students often ask if they are ready to enlist in a training of this sort. It’s a fair question. It is ideal if you have 1+ year of yoga practice, priming you for the deeper study. The main requirement for “readiness” is desire to show up and curiosity to sit in the student’s seat and learn.

What will the program earn me?

This is a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour certified training. If you are present and engaged throughout and complete all additional assignments, readings, etc- you will graduate certified to begin teaching yoga.

What is the cancellation policy for Teacher Training?

We understand that Yoga Teacher Training is a large commitment of both time and finances. With that in mind, and to offer our teacher trainers a full and supported program, we have created the following cancellation policy:

Following your purchase of teacher training tuition, you have a 30-day grace period to cancel minus the $300 deposit. Once the program has begun, (regardless of the 30 days) there are no refunds. However, the amount can be transferred to another Rosemary Garrison ~ The Pad teacher training program within one year.

Is it okay if I don’t currently practice inversions i.e. headstands, handstands?

Absolutely not a problem. You will have the opportunity to practice poses like this and others. However, if for any reason, including past injury, you do not wish to practice a particular pose it will not be a problem.

What if I have to miss a day during the training, can I make it up?

We strongly recommend you attend the training in full. However, if you need to miss a few hours, a day or a short amount of time we will work with you to make sure you make up the missed material. If however you know now that more than one of the six weekends will prove conflict, you might want to consider postponing the training until a time when you can make the entire commitment.

Please contact Rosemary directly regarding questions about potential time missed.

Why this structure for a TT?

We have structured the training- 6 weekends over 3 months- to allow you to weave it into your day to day life/ work/ relationships. This makes it real, it makes the teachings applicable to all we do. It also creates the circumstances to continue studying, teaching, practicing once the training ends. While an immersion style training (another model) is a phenomenal opportunity to steep yourself in the teachings, it does not allow for integration over time. Our aim is to give you space to reflect, settle, take breathers, return replenished, dive deeper again… ultimately pacing yourself for the most benefit and the greatest enjoyment.

Is the required reading curriculum for the duration of the course or should I complete the reading prior to program start?

Please purchase all the required books upon registering. From there, there is no need to finish the reading before the training begins. We will reach out with specific assignments prior to our August 23rd opening. If you feel called to do more, we recommend flipping through any or all of the books that call to you. Read what inspires you, with no pressure or stress… the rest will follow.

The 5 education categories to be covered:
  1. Techniques, training and practice
    • Extensive practice teaching asana, pranyama, meditation, mantra, mudra
  2. Teaching Methodology
    • Study of pose names Sanskrit and English
    • Study of sequencing
    • Art of teaching: holding space, use of voice and body, creating the conditions, and more
    • Learning styles auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile
  3. Anatomy and Physiology
    • Study of the human body; bones, muscles, organs
    • Study of how poses can be beneficial or contraindicatory
    • Study of safe alignment
    • Working with injury or physical limitations
  4. Energetic Anatomy
    • Study of Chakras, Bhandas, Gunas, Vayus… and more
  5. Yoga philosophy, ethics and lifestyle
    • Reading and discussion of yogic texts
    • Yogic lifestyle, as taught through the yamas and niyamas
    • Practicum
    • Practice teaching
    • Receiving and giving feedback
    • Observing others teach
    • Hands on assist
A typical training day will look roughly like the following. Please note this will vary depending on the emphasis of each weekend (anatomy, energetic anatomy, philosophy, etc).

7:00am-8:45am Yoga practice (pranyama, meditation, asana)

15 minute break

9:00am-12:00pm Workshop poses- alignment, adjustment, and more/ Lecture & Dialogue

12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch break

1:00pm-4:45pm Workshop poses & Teaching practice/ Lecture & Dialogue

15 minute break

5:00pm-6:15pm Gentle Asana Practice/ Teaching practice

6:15pm-7:00pm Questions, dialogue, overview of next day or weekend, close.

Other information:

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