Julian Lopez | Pilates Instructor

Julian Lopez started teaching Pilates in Los Angeles just after graduating with his BFA in Dance from Texas with a focus on Ballet/Contemporary and Jazz/Modern. His Pilates training goes hand-in-hand with his degree in dance, which has given him amazing insight when it comes to connecting the mind and body. Julian was certified by a classically and contemporary trained Balanced Body Master Educator, Betty Nicolay. Dance carries over into his classes from an anatomical standpoint. In teaching Pilates to elite dancers, Julian understands what the body is capable of and encourages his students to that same elite level. When he isn’t in the Pilates studio Julian is in a dance studio or creating some type of art. After teaching in LA for the past 5 years, Julian is here in the Bay area following his dreams. “Life is simply one long dance. How are you gonna dance it?” Additional training includes Aerial/Silks Yoga certified and Barre.

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