Emily Posselius | Yoga Instructor

mily is a San Francisco based yoga instructor, empowerment life coach, and forever a student of life.  She has a welcoming energy with a mission to inspire joy and connection to your highest potential — many calling her an ‘adamant optimist’. Emily’s classes are infused with introspection and challenge, creating a safe space for you to arrive, explore, and find transformation. Her flow creates a moving meditation to connect with your vital life force, spirit, and ultimately help you discover your own empowerment.

Emily is the creator of the Empowered Living Movement™— life coaching to help inspire living fully, creating purposeful action, and experience a connected community.  She is passionate about helping others come home to their true self, create supportive practices to promote genuine living, and to curate a more fulfilling lifestyle. Learn more about her yoga-inspired coaching at: empoweredlivingmovement.com.

Practicing yoga for over a decade, Emily received her 200-RYT with Malachi Melville of Yogaworks in 2011. She is currently completing her 500-RYT with Coby Kozlowski of Lahari Yoga. Emily’s classes are infused with pranayama and meditation techniques from yoga mentorship with Stacie Overby and restorative energy from her Reiki Level 1 training with Jennifer Brinn. Emily’s yoga background has been influenced over the years by Max Strom, Lorin Roche, Katie Brauer, Maty Ezraty, Annie Carpenter, Jason Crandell, and Becca Schneider.

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