Ashlee Johnson | Pilates Instructor

Ashlee first realized the power of mind-body connection and a true love of movement when she began horseback riding in college. Shortly thereafter a friend introduced her to pilates and she quickly found that the increased flexibility and strength pilates provided gave her an enhanced sense of stability and balance in the saddle when training and competing in dressage. After graduating from UCSB Ashlee moved to San Francisco in search of her next big adventure. Amidst a new life of interesting experiences and challenges the one constant was her love of riding and pilates so she decided to make a career in the health and wellness field and acquired a certification through Stott Pilates. When not in the studio you can find Ashlee scouring the the shelves of local bookstores for her next great read or out with friends on a tireless crusade to determine what is truly the best restaurant in San Francisco.

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