Amanda Malone | Yoga Teacher

Amanda began her yoga practice in Denver, Colorado while in high school. While Amanda met her mat intermittently for years, it wasn’t until moving to San Francisco that she found a consistent practice that she couldn’t stay away from. As an elementary school teacher, she found herself with time off from her usual day job and enrolled in an RYT 200 HR program in 2017. While initially intending to embark upon the journey to deepen her knowledge of yoga tradition, she eventually gave into her nagging itch to teach in January 2018 and the rest is history. All along the way yoga has been a path to healing, an avenue for creativity, and an ultimate expression of joy for her.

Her approach to yoga centers on the balance of effort and ease. You will feel appropriately challenged and empowered to try new variations of postures based upon the sensations that show up in your body. She will often remind you to embrace the practice as you are and believes that as much as yoga is a physical expression of opening and growing, both require kindness to oneself and rest. You’ll be reminded to honor both and see value in staying present, reflecting in your practice what’s true in each given moment. Whether a restorative practice or a powerful flow, you’ll move along with music that curates the tone of each practice.


Favorite Restaurant or Ice Cream Flavor?

It’s a tie between Hook Fish Co. and Seven Hills. I love fresh seafood and could eat pasta everyday!

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

My favorite place that I’ve traveled to is the Amalfi Coast and I hope to return back soon 🙂

A hobby you enjoy?

Aside from yoga I enjoy baking, running, and hiking around the Bay Area.

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