Upcoming Events at The Pad Studios

Corporate Wellness

Promote a healthy work/life balance, increase productivity, and decrease stress and anxiety in your workplace with corporate yoga.

The Pad offers competitively priced, customized programs for local companies that can be catered to the size and needs of your employees.

On-site Yoga

One of our qualified, energetic and professional yoga instructors will come to your workplace to lead your employees in weekly yoga or a one-time event.

Yoga at The Pad

Gift your employees a 60-90 minute yoga experience at The Pad aimed to bolster commitment to self care, community and to reinforce that yours is a company that cares.

Wellness Talks

Choose your topic, and one of our qualified health and wellness coaches can come to your workplace to for a weekly event, multi-week series, or one-time event

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Keep an eye out for upcoming retreats through The Pad Studios!