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Yoga 101 with Emily Posselius

When: February 24 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Where: 1694 Union St.

Instructor: Emily Posselius

Cost: $30

Yoga 101 is for you if you’re new to yoga or would like to have a deeper understanding of the yoga fundamentals. Starting a new practice can be intimidating, but this welcoming approach to yoga will invite you in to explore an expansive, soothing, and strengthening practice for yourself. Lead by Emily Posselius, we will break down the components of a vinyasa yoga class, learning how to modify in postures and to use props for support. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of your body and a chance to move in new ways.

Part 1: In this class, Emily will break down sun salutations: a core series of postures to energize and strengthen your body. There will be a thorough breakdown of the standing blueprint poses for alignment and breath. As you learn how to establish and flow through these postures, this will introduce the core components of a vinyasa class.

Part 2: In this class, Emily will build upon the sun salutations, introducing standing postures, and the fundamental concepts of mobility and stability. This exploration of sthira and sukha, roughly translated in sanskrit to steadiness and ease are foundational for any yoga sequence.

Part 3: In this class, Emily will review sun salutations and standing postures, guiding you to establish a sustainable practice. This will incorporate a strong connection to prana (lifeforce) with pranayama (breathwork) while building into more elaborate postures such as twists and folds.