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The Upside Down: Handstand, Headstand, and More

When: December 2, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Where: 1694 Union St

Instructor: Gillian Confair

Cost: $35

Join Gillian on a curiosity voyage to The Upside Down! If you’ve never done an arm balance, it can look a lot like magic from the outside. But just like any magic trick, there’s a method behind the mystique. Learn the foundation that will help you lift off your feet, and up up and away!

In this workshop we'll spend 90 minutes using tools in your yoga arsenal, including props, to break down high-flying poses and make them accessible. Learn core engagement, proper alignment, and a couple of tricks along the way to add these poses to your practice.

The goal isn’t a perfect pose – it’s learning to laugh and play your way into advancing your asana, and getting stronger and braver in the process.

This workshop is designed for beginning flyers, and the more advanced, and will help conquer your fear, lean in, and lift up.