The MindSet Journey – The Power of Compassion

March 2 @ 7:00-8:30pm
The Pad Studios,
Cost: $55 Single Session // 15% off for members & return students
Are you tired of feeling restricted and limited by your own thoughts and beliefs? Do you long to connect with others and the world in a more meaningful way? If so, the Mindset Journey with Priya is for you.

The Mindset Journey enables you to discover your own true nature and understand the parts that are holding you back. This new understanding frees you to live with greater ease and joy, and gives you the power to transform your life, moment to moment.

This transformative experience guides you through uncovering your authentic self and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness and success. With a deeper understanding of yourself and your limitations, you will live life with greater ease, joy, and empowerment.

The Mindset Journey addresses the universal challenge of seeking peace and security in a world that can often feel chaotic and unpredictable.

It is so important to be compassionate to yourself and to guide yourself from a place of gentleness and wisdom, and not from a place of criticism and judgment. You don’t want to repeat the same critical statements that someone may have told you when you were young. It’s time to develop a new mindset, one that includes self-compassion and kindness.

Do you have a strong inner critic and judge that makes it hard to grow and enjoy life? Are you compassionate to others but struggle to have compassion for yourself? You are not alone.

As you grow up, you may start to build walls to protect yourself, your mind takes over to ensure you are safe and protected. But maybe there is still a little child within you. It’s easier to be compassionate to yourself if you connect to your younger self.

Join us for this upcoming session to meet your different parts and learn everyday tools of how to make inner space for compassion.

You’ll enter 2024 with a better relationship with yourself and a renewed sense of confidence.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to meet the different parts of yourself
  • How to make space for compassion
  • How to sustain compassion for yourselves throughout day-to-day life

You’ll also engage in somatic exercises to connect with yourself, empowering you to understand your genuine self and build self compassion. You will reclaim your heart, center and confidence while connecting with others in the group. It’s important not to do this work alone.

This work also welcomes individuals who are new to group work or may feel hesitant about participating. This approach encourages you to delve deep within yourself, fostering a level of self-discovery and introspection with the support you need.

We encourage you to share this experience with friends and family!

This session is open to everyone, regardless of your level of experience or background. So, if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your thoughts, or just seeking a moment of peace and relaxation, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

“Practicing the Mindset with Priya has completely flipped my world in the best way possible. I had an image of my future that seemed great but every day was becoming more rigid and lacking in color. The time I spent doing personal development with Priya changed my life. Thanks to this work, I made a very hard decision that allowed me to paint my life with the color it deserves. Priya brought light back into my life.”

Priya will be hosting a series of workshops at The Pad in the coming months. We encourage you to keep an eye out for more, and share with family and friends! In the meantime, please learn more about the other opportunities Priya offers.

15% off for members & return students!

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