The MindSet Journey – Flexible Mind

March 12 @ 2:00-4:00pm
Cost: $85 Exchange

Unlock Your Potential by Learning About the Flexible Mind and Self Trust

In the upcoming workshop on ‘Flexible Mind: The connection between the mind and self trust’ Priya will walk students through a 2-hour interactive workshop to help individuals understand the importance of the connection between having a flexible mind and trusting the self. Once the connection is understood, students will start to see noticeable, real-life differences in the tendency to control everything, reducing anxiety and giving the mind a much-needed break.

The Mindset Journey enables students to discover their own true natures and the nature of what holds them back. This new understanding frees them to live with greater ease and joy, and gives them the power to transform their lives, moment to moment.

This transformative experience guides participants in uncovering their authentic selves and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness and success. With a deeper understanding of themselves and their limitations, students can live life with greater ease, joy, and empowerment.

Once you develop a clear understanding of having a flexible mind and self-trust, Priya will guide an interactive exercise that helps develop self-trust, followed by a guided meditation.  

You will also learn about: 

  • How the mind holds you back.
  • How to release the need to control by developing self trust.
  • How does self-trust allow you to work with your own mind to make ‘yourself’ more flexible, less judgmental and more accepting in everyday life. 

“Priya has an uncanny ability to bring down my guard. She provides a safe, trusting space to open up and be vulnerable. I came to her feeling discontented and in search of something missing. In a short period of time, she has helped me release the weight of my past.”


:: About Priya ::

Priya Glikman, founder of the Mindset Journey, shares with others what she herself has learned over a lifetime about the struggles we all share. Beloved for her warmth, openness, and clarity, she has helped thousands of students to break through their inner blocks, to rediscover a sense of wholeness and connection, and to make genuine change in their lives.

Priya recently joined the Pad Studios as Co-owner with Nicole Cronin!

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