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The Art of Sequencing

When: May 6 @ 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Where: 1694 Union St

Instructor: Dana Damara

Cost: $54

This class is for seasoned practitioners AND beginners alike!

Create sustainable, exciting, sought after classes, workshops and retreats for your students so they canā€™t wait to come back and share the love with others! Start with a basic theme for your class --- create a dharma, use pranayam, asana sequences, and chants to bring it home! Learn how to weave your teaching into something that is more than sharing the love of yoga to more of a way of living your yoga OFF your mat!

Design classes that leaves you feeling invigorated at home! And if you are a yoga teacher, these classes will leave people waiting and longing for more. Not only that but, use these themes for social media and blog posts, creating a deeper connection with your students and a more compassionate observation of yourself. Learn how to theme classes based on the Yamas and Niyamas, Chakras, Astral Energy or any thought or idea that you are inspired to explore with your students. Create a single class or even a week long workshop! Leave with sequences and programs that can be designed to be duplicated and utilized over and over again.

Come prepared for a vinyasa flow class and informative lecture.

This modules counts as 3 hours towards your Embody Truth 300 Hour TT.