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Hands-On Assisting

When: January 13 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Where: 1694 Union St

Instructor: Dana Damara

Cost: $45 – $72

SPECIAL OFFER: Bring a friend for FREE!! Simply sign up and then email [email protected] with your guest's name.

This workshop is a part of a day-long workshop series: $45 for each workshop / $72 for the whole day

Learn how to assist your students in a safe, powerful, non-invasive way. Understand just the right way to support them in expanding to where they feel comfortable and safe. Revisiting assisting in backbends, inversions and other advanced postures. Revisit some tricky poses that are risky and challenging. And while you’re at it, go back to the basics of proper alignment! Discuss trends that are hot topics in healthy alignment and discuss and perform!

Aligning with the flow in your own body, breath and movement is the simplest way to return to your own body’s harmony. It is too easy to get out of alignment with the way we eat, drink, process information and basically live this human existence.

During this workshop we will revisit basic principles of alignment that will help you refine your postures for more connection and sustainability in your practice. Because of this you will not only be able to prevent injury and find deeper variations of the postures, but you will also experience a deeper connection with this practice off your mat and into the world which is where the real yoga begins.