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Detox Workshop: How to Enjoy Your Holidays and be Healthy Too

When: November 5, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Where: 1694 Union Street

Cost: $30

Instructors: Yoga led by Lauren Cohen and wellness talk led by Briana Menendez

The 2-hour workshop will include:
  • – 15-minute Body Scan Meditation
  • – 60-minute Detox Yoga Flow
  • – 45-minute Discussion on nutrition fundamentals and stress management tips/tools
In this workshop you will get your sweat on with a vigorous, detox flow followed by a discussion on nutrition and stress management tips to be and stay well through this holiday season!

The holidays are a time of year when we want to feel our best and enjoy good food, fun, friends, and family. Unfortunately they can also bring up a lot of stress and it might end up looking a little something like this: you’ve been working non-stop to prep for the time off; when you finally start your vacation you reward yourself by indulging in food and drinks (everyday); the lack of exercise and abundance of dessert brings about guilt and frustration; but no fret, it’s New Years so you’re definitely going to lose weight and be healthier this year… except it’s now three weeks later and you’re back to where you started. Sound familiar?

If so, you would love this workshop led by Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Briana Menendez, and the Pad Yoga Instructor, Lauren Cohen. We’ll help set you up for success this holiday season and optimize your health from the inside, out.

The first 5 people who sign up will get a free de-stress essential oil! Sign up under class schedule.