Awakening the Inner Body: Introduction to The Bandhas

March 24 @ 12:00-2:00pm
Cost: $45 Exchange
The word ‘bandha’ translates as ‘to bind’, or ‘the binding of consciousness to a particular object’. The bandhas are physical engagements of specific areas of the body that help direct energy up the spine, and they affect the physical, mental, and subtle bodies.

On the physical level, utilizing the bandhas helps create the sensation of ‘floating’ and stability from inside out in postures that defy gravity. On an energetic level, the bandhas are a powerful focal point to rest the mind and are applied in many forms of pranayama.

Join Kristen Coyle for a potent exploration of the bandhas through pranayama, asanas, and kriyas (clarifying actions), with specific instruction on how and when to utilize the bandhas.

Open Levels. Please come with an empty stomach.
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