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The Art of Devotion | A Bhakti Yoga Workshop

When: June 9 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

When: Saturday, June 9th | 1pm-3pm Where: The Pad Studios | Big Yoga Room Instructor: Nat Kendall Cost: $35 -- *Early Bird* $10 off until Thursday, June 7th.

Is there more to it than just stumbling along in our human ways? Is there something beyond what we see, taste, touch and hear? A bigger Love than our daily dramas?

Explore the rich practice of Bhakti yoga with Nat Kendall, diving into an ocean of mercy to feel into a concept known as Isvarapranidhana (surrender). We'll open up dialog around what Bhakti is & how 'devotion' can become a powerful guide in our practice, and our daily life.

This workshop will involve a powerful Bhakti-inspired Vinyasa flow led by Nat, chanting, group discussion, and storytelling as we inquire within; exploring what is beyond merely the physical asanas and opening the heart to something deeper – the biggest Love that resides in each and every single one of us.

**Please bring a notebook, a pen, & a mat and be ready for a transformative practice.