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3 Special Yin Yoga Classes with Hayley Lander

When: May 18 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Instructor: Hayley Lander

When: Friday, May 18th | Sunday, May 20th | Friday, May 25th
Where: The Pad Studios | Big Yoga Room
Instructor: Hayley Lander
Cost: $35 -- *Early Bird Discount* $10 off 2 days before each class.

Join guest teacher Hayley Lander on a beautiful yin yoga,  Chinese medicine and Reiki healing journey as you'll dive into balancing and realigning your whole self... mind, body and soul.

Yin yoga slows down the pace of life,  encourages mindfulness, calms your nervous system and deepens your self awareness.

Friday, May 18th: Tonight we will explore  the elements of Water and Wood. Our Water energy is the foundation to our physical,  mental and emotional well being. Our wood energy governs our relationship to planning, order and control
Working with the meridians to the kidneys, bladder and liver to unblock any stuck energy and help to release any physical manifestations of the emotions held here: Anger, Resentment and Fear.

Sunday, May 20th: Today we will explore the elements of fire and air.  Working with beautiful heart openers and the meridians the heart and large intestine, balancing our fire energy helps is to experience love and joy, releasing any old and stagnant energy from past hurts. As we work into the lungs and small intestine of the air energy we help ourselves to trust to let go of everything that isn't serving us to be able to take in everything that does. Unblocking stuck energy and releasing physical manifestations of the emotions held here: joy, love, hate, sadness and grief.

Friday, May 25th: Tonight we will be grounding into our Earth energy. Lots of forward folds and being close to the 'mother' earth. For a feeling of being supported and nurtured. Bringing all of our energy down to our root chakra, the energy centre for balance, stability, purpose and self worth. Clearing the meridians to our stomach and our spleen. When we are grounded in our earth energy we don't search for external happiness to fulfill us, we have everything we need and are contented in that fact. Only then we can begin to love from a place of strength rather than a place of need.