200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
with Rosemary Garrison

July 8-September 26, 2021

This training is designed for those who are…

  • eager to expand upon your practice.
  • hungry to learn about the many facets of yoga, including but not limited to, pranayama + meditation, philosophy, asana & alignment, anatomy, adjustments & more.
  • ready to connect more deeply with yourself and others.
  • wanting to strengthen your sense of sangha or community.

These past ten months have challenged us to our core, and have shown us how essential yoga is to our overall well-being. It is true, much remains unknown, however, many of you have written to ask when will the next training begin, and we are ready to answer the call. With precise dates + pricing yet to be announced, we invite those of you who are curious to join us on this journey. With Rosemary Garrison and several other of our beloved teachers bringing their passion and expertise, this training is sure to be a positively life-changing experience that will support your own individual, and our collective evolution. Our vision is for this training to begin in June at Retreat to The Farm, 90 minutes out of San Francisco. There, we intend to build our community in the powerful environs of a retreat setting. The hope then is to continue, over the course of five non-consecutive weekends, at The Pad Studios in San Francisco. This structure allows for intensive study combined with the space for integration. If you are interested to receive more information please send an email to [email protected] and we will see to it that you are included in all relevant future communications.

Summer 2021 Dates:

July 8th at The Pad

July 9th-11 Yoga Retreat Weekend at The Farm

July 22-25 at The Pad

Aug 5-8 + 19-22 at The Pad

Sept 9-12 + 23-26 at The Pad

Over the course of the training we will explore the following:

  • Yoga Philosophy ~ how it relates to our lives now
  • Pranayama & Meditation ~ the dance of the breath and the mind
  • Asana & Alignment ~ how to wisely and safely embody and instruct postures
  • Adjusting ~ how to wisely and safely adjust students during a flow practice
  • Anatomy ~ its elegant, fundamental connection with the asana practice
  • Energetic Anatomy ~ the infinite realm of the subtle body (chakras, vayus, bandhas…)
  • Sequencing ~ the design of an intelligent flow class
  • Bhakti Yoga ~ the sweet heart of the practice
  • The Art of Teaching ~ the grace of creating and holding space
  • The Business of Yoga ~ building a sustainable lifestyle as a teacher
  • Teaching Yoga ~ ample time and space to practice teaching

ENJOY FREE yoga at The Pad throughout the training, and take home your RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certification at the end program!

To learn more now, please visit rosemarygarrison.com or email her directly at [email protected]

Teacher Trainee Testimonials:

Rosemary’s YTT program is comprehensive, beautifully crafted, and led with great passion. I chose to complete YTT with Rosemary and The Pad instructors because of the variety of subjects the curriculum offered. I wanted to sample a little information about yoga’s big topics, and I am confident this knowledge will serve as a solid foundation to guide my initial adventures in teaching. Most importantly, I can lead yoga classes confidently and can tailor a class depending on a student’s experience level, injuries, etc. I recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their practice and enrich their life. Thank you Rosemary and team for this life changing experience!

– Julia Hicks

The Pad and Rosemary’s teacher training was one of the richest and memorable journey’s I have embarked on. I learned more than I ever expected and did so with the most wonderful and kind group the Bay Area has. Each weekend with the teachers and fellow students left me so inspired by this practice, and always reminded me of why I chose to start the teacher training journey in the first place. 

I work a full time job and it was certainly manageable and honestly made me even more productive at work through all of our meditation, weekly assignment, and mindfulness practices. 

I highly recommend this training to any one who is considering on deepening their practice and/or wanting to spread their passion for this practice to others. 

– Tatum Roessler

Wow! The 200 hour training at the Pad was an absolutely transformative experience for me. I came into the training hoping to deepen my personal practice and spiritual development, unsure of whether I would eventually want to teach or not, and walked out enamored and wanting to share these magnificent teachings with others. Rosemary and the other teachers in the training provide such a strong grounding in the practice of yoga — in terms of the physical asanas (alignment, sequencing, etc.), as well as the ancient philosophy and its integration into everyday life. I felt completely supported throughout the training by both the teachers and the community, and have so much gratitude for the Pad, all the teachers from the training, and the gift of the teachings. I would recommend it without reservations <3

– Emma Peck

About Lead Instructor: Rosemary Garrison

Rosemary, E-RYT 500, began her study of Yoga in 1997 in the traditional Ashtanga style with her beloved teacher, Tim Miller. She has since worked with an array of Vinyasa instructors (Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra and others) and weaves this creativity and grace into her teachings. In addition to her physical practice, Rosemary has studied Vipassana Meditation at Spirit Rock Center as well as Zen Meditation at Tassajara Zen Center and maintains a personal meditation practice.

Rosemary teaches a strong and deeply compassionate Vinyasa Flow class. She emphasizes the breath, intention, mindful alignment… and ultimately, the cultivation of energy and awareness. It is her experience and belief that a consistent practice offers the practitioner a pathway to his or her own divine, radiant nature.

Supporting Teachers:

Nat Kendall | San Francisco based yoga teacher & student, musician, surfer and lover of life; Nat Kendall gives reverence to the teachings he has received – helping students nurture their own creative expression and meaningful connection with life. He teaches vinyasa, infused with all other limbs of yoga and has studied extensively with Rusty Wells and Janet Stone. His devotion-filled classes are invigorating, strong and simultaneously nurturing as he creates a space filled with focus, kindness, laughter, chanting and great music to safely explore the deep benefits of the practice.

Lauren Cohen | As a dancer and competitive figure skater for nearly 15 years, Lauren has always loved the art of movement. She first found yoga during college in Cleveland, Ohio, where she very quickly became inspired by the physical, mental and emotional elements of the practice. Lauren completed her first 200-hour teaching program in 2011 in Cleveland, and three years later moved to San Francisco with hopes of creating a fresh start, continuing her yoga education and to develop her teaching. Lauren has since completed over 500 hours with her teachers Janet Stone, Jason Crandell, and Elena Brower and continues to be inspired by her community of fellow teachers in the Bay Area. She teaches a soulful, heartfelt, challenging, and fluid vinyasa class, rooted in healthy alignment and creative sequencing. She aims to inspire students to embody the essence of yoga on and off the mat.

Nicole Cronin | There are many things that contribute to my style of teaching- first, a deep respect for the historical roots of yoga, and an intention to honor proper physical alignment in the postures. In addition, a background of athletics and dance, an appreciation for groovy music, my prior career in nightlife- hosting and creating experiences for others, and an awareness of the body and how it reacts to both external and internal stressors, gathered from my study and practice of both the Alexander Technique and Somatics (a life-changing program I completed called The Art of Leadership Mastery at The Institute of Embodied Wisdom in Ojai, Ca). My experience is that practicing yoga is an opportunity to use the physical body and the breath to reintegrate and to feel whole; to remember our true nature– perfectly right where we’re supposed to be. The more I practice, the more inspired I am to share yoga with others.

Becca Schneider | Becca is a certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, a certified prenatal yoga teacher, a Pilates Instructor and is a Registered Nurse. She has been practicing and studying yoga for over 15 years and Pilates for 4 years. Rebecca completed her 200-hour in depth teacher training through the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara with Ganga White and Tracy Reich and advance Prenatal Training with Jane Austin. She completed The Pad Studios Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2012. Most recently she completed over 200 hours of study with Maty Ezraty at YogaWorks. Becca has a passion for health and wellness and is truly committed to holistic health. She enjoys helping her clients, friends and family create happiness, strength, flexibility and balance in body, mind and soul.

Leila Burrows | As a UCLA undergraduate, Leila began practicing power yoga with Bryan Kest. In 2008 she finished her first 200 hour certification through Yoga Works of Santa Monica. She returned home to the Bay Area to open The Pad with longtime friend and business partner, Lily Riesenfeld. Leila is passionate about the transformational powers of yoga and combines the structure learned from the YogaWorks method with the practical approach of Bryan Kest, infusing her own personality and desire to celebrate and manifest life. Leila’s class is fun, challenging and music filled. When not in San Francisco, Leila can be found on her mat practicing yoga with MC Yogi at YogaToes in Point Reyes.

Zeyah Rogé | A psychotherapist, yoga instructor, and massage therapist with a private practice in Portland, Oregon. Zeyah earned her master’s degree in somatic psychology in 2015 from the California Institute of Integral Studies, a natural extension of the work she had been doing since 2002 within the massage and yoga fields. Since 2009 Zeyah has been offering trainings in experiential anatomy, yoga teaching methodologies, trauma healing, and bodywork. She is passionate about finding creative ways to stimulate curiosity and empowerment through education. Zeyah is grateful to her teachers, including: Ruth Knight who mentored Zeyah for 7 years and certified her with a 500+ hour yoga teacher certificate; the kind folks at the M.E.T.A Institute who have trained Zeyah in experiential and embodied approaches to therapy; and to the many fellow anatomy geeks – Tom Meyers, Ray Long, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and many more – whose genius continually feed Zeyah’s fascination with the human body.

Yoga Teacher Training FAQ

The 200 hour yoga teacher training is meant to educate, inform, and lead you into a deeper understanding of the yoga tradition and practice. Not only will the training offer the chance to study yoga breathing, meditation, asana, philosophy, sequencing, anatomy, pose workshop and breakdown, yoga for pre/post natal but you will be given ample opportunity to find your teacher’s voice by way of practice teaching your fellow trainees, throughout the entire training.