Power Yoga at The Pad takes Vinyasa Flow to a whole new level. This breath-synchronized practice is paired with upbeat, contemporary music during a dynamic 60-75 minute flow in our heated studio. You’ll experience an energizing and physically demanding class that awakens your body, mind and spirit. Join us for a class today.

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At The Pad, we offer machine-based Power Pilates classes in a private, semi-private and group setting. Our excellent team of certified Pilates instructors will deliver an innovative, full-body, “West Coast” style workout with an emphasis on flow, breath, strength and precision. Join us for a class today and start your transformation towards a longer, stronger more balanced and connected body.

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  • When: Friday, May 19th 2pm- Sunday, May 21st, 2pm Where: The Farm Grand Island, Walnut Grove, CA Teacher: Nicole Cronin Learn more about Nicole Cronin Pricing: Listed below per room Email [email protected] to reserve your spot and request your room. Join us as...

    When: May 19 @ 2:00 pm - May 21 @ 2:00 pm

Teacher Training

Dana Damara's Embody Truth 200 hour yoga teacher training is without doubt the most epic and highest quality training in town. This training is appropriate both for those who wish simply to educate and deepen their personal practice as well as those who have dreams to begin teaching yoga out in the world!

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Prenatal Services

Prenatal yoga & pilates classes at The Pad give moms-to-be a perfect opportunity to take a breath and connect with their growing baby. Giving birth to a baby is the most athletic event most women will ever experience, which is why The Pad encourages low-risk pregnant clients to exercise throughout their pregnancy. Maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your pregnancy will help support your changing body, aid in childbirth and help encourage a healthy recovery.

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Kids and Family

At The Pad we care about family! In 2015, Bryant Resch, long time Pad client, Mom of two youngsters, and Director of Kids + Family programming, created the Tadpole program to serve Moms and Dads, infants and children as a way to serve this part of our community! The program includes babysitting, kids & family yoga, yoga series for school children, birthday parties and special afternoon events just for parents!

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Looking for onsite weekly or one off/special event yoga in your corporate setting? We are happy to provide morning, lunchtime or post work yoga classes as part of your work place preventative health care and fitness program. Over the years we have serviced AirBnB, Linked In, Go Pro, Google, Old Navy, Levi Strauss, Williams & Sonoma and many small start up companies too!

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