Kids & Family Yoga


Tadpole Family Yoga

The whole family can enjoy some good, healthy fun in our Tadpole Family Yoga class. Practice fun yoga poses, relaxing breathing exercises and family bonding that will get you up and moving. All ages are welcome. (45 minutes)

Mommy & Me, the Littlest Tadpole Yoga (newborn to pre-crawling)

Bond with your little one while introducing them to the gift of yoga from infancy. This class is designed to open your heart and build your core while your precious little one lays by your side or acts as an appropriate prop. Includes music and movement to deepen your relationship and strengthen your body. (45 minutes)

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal yoga is a gentle flow that will strengthen your core and open your heart while being mindful of your changing body. With upbeat, contemporary music and basic, yet challenging postures you will flow through class feeling strong and confident. This class coincides with a Tadpole Babysitting session so you can drop your little one off to play next door in our Tadpole Room while you practice without distraction.

Tadpole Baby Yoga & Infant Massage (newborn to pre-crawling)

Bond with your baby while you introduce the benefits of yoga at the youngest age. With your help, baby will move through postures such as chair pose, tree and happy baby all to cultivate development and deepen the parent/ caregiver bond. Includes music, movement and massage. (45 minutes)

Tadpole Froggy Yoga (crawling – 2 years)

Designed for crawling children up to 2 years of age, this class will teach your little one that yoga is fun (and best of all healthy!) while they watch you go through the sequences with them. (30 minutes)

Tadpole Frog Yoga (2.5 years – 4 years)

Yoga, music, and games make this child’s yoga class exciting and fun! Your little one will learn how to jump like a frog and move like a cat while you do the poses with them and give them the tools to develop positive life skills. (45 minutes)

School Age Yoga Series (5 years – 12 years)

6, 8 or 12 week yoga series for your child’s class or play group. Each week builds on top of the next where they will learn the fundamentals of yoga followed by a playful asana practice, yoga games, mindful meditation and so much more. To inquire about building a class for your child please e-mail [email protected]