Nicole Cronin | Owner + Yoga Teacher

Nicole began a regular Ashtanga yoga practice in 2007, while operating a busy restaurant/bar in San Francisco. After years of a rigorous alignment-based practice, she later fell in love with the freedom and dynamic movement of a well-sequenced Vinyasa & Hatha Flow, and from there grew an appreciation of meditation, yin, restorative and slow flow yoga as well.

In 2012, Nicole was in a tragic car accident in Thailand where she lost her beloved fiancé and ended up in a wheelchair due to a broken back. The passing of her fiancé in a primarily Buddhist country, Thailand, awakened big life questions around death, dying, spirituality, grief, reincarnation and the purpose of life.

The practice of yoga and Eastern philosophy became an invaluable tool to navigate her healing process, and in that same year, she trained to become a certified yoga teacher, completed a 7-month embodied leadership program and began teaching full time. Since then, Nicole has ignited a strong, heartfelt commitment to life.

Nicole’s mission is to bring more kindness, compassion, courage, clarity and resilience into the world through yoga, meditation, and wisdom teachings. She’s devoted to supporting others to live their highest truth and fully embrace the gift of this life, including its challenges. She believes that we can work through the body to positively impact the nature of the mind, heart and soul.

Nicole is the mama of a beautiful 6-year-old girl, currently resides in San Francisco and hosts retreats both locally and around the world.

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Favorite Food?
Sushi & Anything fresh, organic and seasonal.
Nicole is passionate about supporting local farmers. You can regularly find her at the Sunday Fort Mason Farmers Market or in her hometown, Santa Cruz’s Farmer’s Market.

Favorite place traveled?
Crete & Santorini, Greece- where her maternal grandfather’s side of the family is from.

Favorite Hobby?
She loves music, dancing, swimming, river rock climbing, hiking, volleyball, softball (most sports, really:) and immersing herself in nature.

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