Nicole Coble | Yoga Teacher

Nicole grew up in Richmond, Virginia with year-round sports including soccer, swimming, and track. In 2012, Nicole fell in love with the practice of yoga alongside her mom attending her first Vinyasa class at a local studio in Richmond and it sparked her love for a new form of movement in her life.

Yoga was different: it offered movement starting with the breath, rather than ending with it.  Breath was the means to grow and expand both physically and energetically. It’s this place that Nicole starts each of her classes today, as a reminder that with breath, the life force, we can each take on this magical and ever-changing journey called life.

As of 2020, Nicole is a 200-hour RYT, and since certification has taught over 300 hours of classes to students of all ages, abilities, and experiences with yoga. She invites her students to join in to the community of movement with others while exploring and evolving into their best selves.


Favorite food: Anything spicy, especially Thai Food!


Favorite place travelled: South Africa (I was born in Cape Town)!


Favorite hobby: Anything involving the ocean – Nicole and her boyfriend enjoy swimming in the Bay, surfing at Bolinas, and reading on the beach.
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