Nat Kendall | Yoga Teacher

San Francisco based yoga teacher, world music recording artist and devoted student of yoga, Nat Kendall shares his wisdom of the teachings in a heartfelt and grounded way that will easily awaken beginners and re-inspire long time practitioners.

Instantly accessible and relevant to our modern times, the grace of Nat’s teachings pour through in tangible practices, tools, techniques and insights that are sure to enlighten your spiritual path and yogic journey.

Favorite Restaurant or Ice Cream Flavor?
My favorite restaurant in SF is a tossup between Shizen, the vegan sushi place, and Firefly. Both offer exceptional, artistic, clean healthy vegetarian and vegan options. As for ice cream, I recently had a coconut, brown sugar peanut brittle that was vegan and to die for!

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled?
I’ve circled the globe and most of my highlights are tropical island hangouts like Cuba, the Virgin Isles and the Seychelles. Give me a hammock, a lovely beach and some coconuts and I’m all set.

A hobby you enjoy?
I’m an avid surfer. I think it’s an incredible compliment to yoga in the way that you must cultivate presence, breath and surrender while being at the grace of something bigger.

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