Marguerite Imbert | Yoga Teacher

Marguerite Imbert is a mellow, restorative and yin instructor with primarily French ancestry. She believes in the power of yoga to quickly induce a healing state for the human being, and treats her work as facilitating this change for the people present in each class.

Raised in New York, Marguerite first started practicing yoga as a youngster after experiencing 9/11, taking her yoga mat on the subway. She became a yoga teacher in her early twenties, and has taught in San Francisco since 2014. Her related specialties include herbalism, birth doula work, and holistic cooking.
She is the author of a cookbook and a children’s book, and recently launched a podcast on Spotify called “Wellness for Good,” where she shares guided meditations and speaks on topics including substance use, astrology, branding, food culture and more. Say hi to her on Instagram here.
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