Emma Perpich | Yoga Teacher

Emma began practicing yoga 10 years ago, in her hometown of Ann Arbor Michigan. She walked into her first class just looking to feel a little better that day, found a practice and a life path which opened up the space for exactly that, time after time. Inspired by her teachers, her community and the impact yoga had on her overall, Emma embarked on the path to being a certified yoga instructor, completing her teacher training at the Pad Studios. She now teaches throughout San Francisco.


Emma aims to teach grounded, soulful vinyasa classes, inviting students of all levels to connect to breath, to their own light, and to feel a little better that day. Emma hopes each class connects to the message of how the physical asana comes into play off the mat, emphasizing yoga as a life path for students to explore.


Favorite food/ Restaurant-
Beit Rima! I love Mediterranean food and think Beit Rima has some of the best in the city.


Favorite Place Traveled-
Maybe Iceland… but I’m always looking for new recommendations of places to check out!


Favorite Hobby-
Traveling, hiking, reading, cooking new recipes, and of course yoga!
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