Emily Laskelle | Yoga Teacher

Emily was magnetized to yoga shortly after her collegiate volleyball career came to an end, at a time where she was disconnected from her body. What began as a physical practice quickly transformed as she sought a deeper understanding of how her mind, body, and soul worked together. Yoga became her way of re-establishing a more compassionate relationship with herself. She completed her 200-hr yoga teacher training at the Pad and is endlessly invigorated by learning, practicing, and sharing the gifts that yoga provides: connection, presence, and vitality. She is inspired by her teachers, Rosemary Garrison and Lauren Cohen.

Emily’s intention as a teacher is to create space that allows others to drop into their bodies and explore the potential that yoga holds. She emphasizes breath awareness and body alignment to guide students deeper into a full experience of the present moment. This practice cultivates the heart-mind-body connection.

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