September 15 @ 2:00-4:00pm
Cost: $45 Exchange
Learn Self Hypnosis & Yoga to change your life forever…

You may know me from YOGA but did you know I am also a Clinical Licensed Hypnotherapist and Counselor. YEP!
I am here for you.


2 Hours, $45, Gentle Yoga and Intro to Self-Hypnosis


Leave with a guideline for positive change forever. The practice of Hypnotherapy uses empowering positive suggestions (like affirmations) to facilitate specific change (like a bad habit or poor sleep) in the subconscious mind and calm the nervous system.
The combination of Yoga and Hypnotherapy is life changing!


“After one hypnotherapy session with Amy, I immediately felt a shift with sugar cravings at night and a desire to binge. The combination of yoga and the self hypnosis I have in my life, I am now living a life without compulsively overeating and resisting the sugar cravings.
Forever grateful to Amy”.
-Megan P.


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