Yin Yoga, Acupuncture & Sound Meditation

April 19 @ 7:00-8:30pm
Cost: $55 Early Bird // $65 Week Of
 Candlelight Yin Yoga with Nicole Cronin and Sound Meditation with Anderson Pugash, and accompanying musicians, Dan Dowdell and Ellian Raffoul! 

The trio creates a cosmic soundscape guided by their intuition and use a wide array of instruments including celestial gongs, gemstone-infused crystal bowls, flutes, crystal quartz harp, didgeridoo, drums and more.

For more information-www.andersonpugash.com 

Plus, Qi Gong Master and optional Acupuncture by Angela Lee and Dr. Ally Cook.

Internationally recognized Qi Gong Master Angela Lee and Dr. Ally Cook bring over 40+ years of experience in wellness to this sound meditation event. They will offer an energetic Qi Gong opening to prepare the body to receive the healing benefits of sound. In addition, there will be an optional opportunity to receive a relaxing acupuncture point further receive a deeper healing.

For more information –www.areturntohealth.com

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