Unwind + Align: Yinyasa with Myofascial Release

1694 Union St., San Francisco, CA,
Cost: $35

Our bodies remember absolutely everything that happens to us. It stores emotional, physically, and spiritual experiences in the very fibers of our being whether we like them or not. Through a mixture of deeply held Yin postures, mindful flow that helps to move stagnant energy or Qi, and specifically applied pressure along our fascia (the connective tissue between our muscles and our skin that support, contains, and holds together the structure our bodies) we can release, realign, and restore a sense of balance in our muscles and skeletal systems from our joints to our neuromuscular efficiency. Especially after a long week of work, our bodies are naturally calling out for a deep need to Unwind + Align.

Please join Paula for an evening of Yinyasa + Myofascial Release, designed to physically put pressure on and relieve any “stuck” areas of the body with the help of tennis balls and rollers within specific Yoga poses and flowing sequences. You can expect to leave feeling completely renewed and recharged by your body’s capacity to nourish and heal itself.

Dates: March 15 + April 12 + May 24

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