The MindSet Journey – Who Am I?

April 30 @ 1:45-4:00pm
Cost: $85 Exchange
Discover who you truly are

Are you tired of feeling restricted and limited by your own thoughts and beliefs? Do you long to connect with others and the world in a more meaningful way? If so, the Mindset Journey with Priya is for you.

The Mindset Journey enables you to discover your own true nature and the nature of what holds you back. This new understanding frees you to live with greater ease and joy, and gives you the power to transform your life, moment to moment.

This transformative experience guides you through uncovering your authentic self and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness and success. With a deeper understanding of yourself and your limitations, you will live life with greater ease, joy, and empowerment.

The Mindset Journey addresses the universal challenge of seeking peace and security in a world that can often feel chaotic and unpredictable.

When you lay down to sleep at night, covering yourself with a blanket, your mind wants to think and you want to sleep, sometimes you can’t control the mind. From your heart, you feel waves of emotions coming and going, sadness, happiness, and excitement, but you can’t control it either. And you can’t control your body… white hair, sicknesses, and ailments. So, you are not your mind, your heart, or your body. So who are you really?

Come to this session with Priya to connect to who you really are. Come to collect moments of freedom. Let’s dig deeper and peel back the onion layers to find the diamond. Let’s connect from an authentic place.

Who are you without thoughts and worries? Who are you without drama? You are not your name, your profession, or your status. When you discover who you truly are, you also connect to your purpose in life. You will know what you want, and it will bring you clarity. It’s time for you to clean out the doubt and the confusion you may have about yourself.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to discover who you truly are
  • How to align your life with your life purpose
  • How to continuously bring conscious awareness into your everyday life

Not only will you speak about the experience of finding your true self, but you will also connect with yourself directly through somatic exercises. You will become the driver of your own car. You will reclaim your life and leave past imprints and conditioning behind, and from this place, you will find direction in your life.

We encourage you to ask yourself the question, “Who am I?”.

This session is open to everyone, regardless of your level of experience or background. So, if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your thoughts, or just seeking a moment of peace and relaxation, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

“In the realm of life coaches, Priya is a jewel. She has an unwavering willingness to deeply connect with her students and guide them to the best of her ability. With extreme efficiency, Priya sees your true self, and recognizes the parts that lost balance. With firm gentleness, she will make you see those and work with you to restore that balance. Priya improved my life in the short and long run, and I am immensely thankful to her for that.”

“Priya is a rare and unique Dharma teacher. Not only are her knowledge and over nineteen years of experience clearly evident, but what makes her unique is her innate wisdom, razor-sharp intuition and down to earth personality, which when combined, make her a very special person to learn from and get to know.”

:: About Priya ::

Priya Glikman, founder of the Mindset Journey, utilizing the ancient wisdom of Zen and the cutting-edge technology of Trilotherapy, shares with others what she herself has learned over a lifetime about the struggles we all share. Beloved for her warmth, openness, and clarity, she has helped thousands of students to break through their inner blocks, to rediscover a sense of wholeness and connection, and to make genuine change in their lives.

Priya recently joined the Pad Studios as Co-owner with Nicole Cronin!

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