The MindSet Journey – 9 Week Deep Dive Journey

April 20 @ 2:30-5:00pm

This deep dive journey is designed for you to learn new tools to expand your self-awareness, make micro changes, and upgrade your day to day life!

Each week we will address a different issue and dive deep into it using The MindSet tools. Working in a group provides faster results. You cannot, and should not, do the inner work alone. We invite you to grow with us and meet people who will significantly influence your self-development journey.

Questions that will be asked, and answered:

  • Are you leading or being led within your relationships? Within your life?
  • Personally, what do we want to strengthen and what to release?
  • What is our inner reason for the mind to be so critical, scared, and blameful?

You will learn why your mind wanders to the past and future, and how to accumulate present moments while using different meditations that suit your personal inner state and routine.

To deepen your experience, you will meet Priya for a 1-on-1 session, prior to or during the course of the 9-week journey. In this important session, you and Priya will dive deeper into your journey, allowing Priya to create a personalized daily practice for the long run.

This journey consists of 2 parts:

  • 9 weekly group sessions, Thursdays, (2.5 hours, @ The Pad)  April 20th – June 16th
  • One private session with Priya (1 hour – over zoom or in-person in San Francisco)

:: About Priya ::

Priya Glikman, founder of the Mindset Journey, utilizing the ancient wisdom of Zen and the cutting-edge technology of Trilotherapy, shares with others what she herself has learned over a lifetime about the struggles we all share. Beloved for her warmth, openness, and clarity, she has helped thousands of students to break through their inner blocks, to rediscover a sense of wholeness and connection, and to make genuine change in their lives.

Priya recently joined the Pad Studios as Co-owner with Nicole Cronin!

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