Satsang with Priya

January 6 @ 6:00-7:00pm
The Pad Studios,
Cost: Donation Based - 100% of proceeds go towards the MindSet Student Fund

Satsang: A Community Gathering…

Join us for a special one-hour Satsang led by Priya Glikman, a Dharma and meditation teacher and the founder of the Mindset Journey.

Join us in-studio or by Zoom!

Originating in India, Satsang, which translates to “associating with good people,” is a sacred gathering where participants have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance from a teacher in a community setting. In this unique meeting, there is no predetermined topic; instead, you are encouraged to express whatever thoughts or emotions arise from your mind and heart. It is a space that warmly welcomes anyone seeking answers or desiring to connect with like-minded individuals and wisdom.
These gatherings operate on a donation-based only, allowing you to participate simply as an attentive listener, eager to hear the stories and experiences of others, or as an active participant, sharing your own journey within a trusted and supportive group.

100% of proceeds go towards the MindSet Student Fund!

Inner work should not be done alone. It’s important to surround yourself with a loving community that makes you feel supported and loved. We invite you to join us on this transformative path of self-discovery and community, as we explore the depths of our being and embrace the power of collective wisdom.

:: About Priya ::

Priya Glikman is the founder of The MindSet Journey. Utilizing the ancient wisdom of Zen and the cutting-edge technology of Trilotherapy, Priya guides her clients on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Priya is an internationally recognized expert in the field, a sought-after meditation teacher, personal transformation facilitator, and seminar leader.
Priya is a Dharma and meditation teacher who relocated to California with her family 6 years ago after a lifetime of traveling and studying in Europe, Israel, the US, and Southeast Asia. Priya’s most notable studies happened in Paros, Greece where she was a student of Zen Master Nissim Amon. She spent 6 years on the island studying Zen and Buddhism in a monastery environment and left the island with her Dharma Transmission as well as being a key contributor to her teacher’s most significant contribution — trilotherapy.
This session is open to everyone, regardless of your level of experience or background. So, if you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your thoughts, or just seeking a moment of peace and relaxation, this is the perfect opportunity for you.
“In the realm of life teachers, Priya is a jewel. She has an unwavering willingness to deeply connect with her students and guide them to the best of her ability. With extreme efficiency, Priya sees your true self and recognizes the parts that lost balance. With firm gentleness, she will make you see those and work with you to restore that balance. Priya improved my life in the short and long run, and I am immensely thankful to her for that.”

:: Donation based ::100% of proceeds go towards the MindSet Student Fund!

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