Restorative + Reiki: Healing from a Distance – Special Evening Class

May 8 @ 6:00-7:15pm
Cost: Regular Drop-ins & Class Packages

Join Bryant for a special live stream restorative yoga class with distance reiki. Right now it is so important to remember that we are all still together in this community even though we are at a distance and we can continue to show up and support each other in healing our bodies and our souls during these troubled times. During this class you will be led through a sequence of traditional restorative yoga poses designed to target opening and re-aligning each of the seven chakras. During times of stress and worry, our body can become out of “tune” and start to manifest as physical and emotional discomfort. Reiki, meaning universal life force energy, is an ancient Japanese healing modality that assists in bringing your body back to a homeostatic state while raising your vibration so that you can re-align with your true physical and emotional self. While traditional reiki is a hands on practice it can also be practiced from a distance through guided meditation and deep relaxation so that the energy can flow freely in and around our bodies. For this class you will need at least one firm pillow or a bolster (couch cushions work well), a blanket of any kind and a hand towel or eye pillow if you wish to use one.

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