Neuroscience and The Joy of Yoga

March 10 @ 12:00-1:30pm
Cost: $50 Exchange
with Nicole Cronin, co-owner & teacher at The Pad Studios and Rebecca Michael, MD

Have you ever skipped your yoga practice because you had too much to do? But then you lack the motivation or focus to complete what you need to do? So then you sit in a stress pool of just not doing anything? Or perhaps you forgot what you needed to do in the first place? If so, you aren’t alone.

We are living in a digital world of distraction and a post pandemic era where working from home (and living at work) has left many of us cognitively and emotionally depleted.

In this workshop, neuroscientist Rebecca Michael will provide a deeper understanding of why a regular yoga practice on the mat can significantly improve health and well being off the mat. Cultivating community and experiencing more joy are possible (and often welcome) side effects.

In this 1.5 hour interactive time together we will:

  • Discuss the latest cutting edge neuroscience research on
  • structural changes that can occur in the yogi brain
  • positive impacts in memory, attention and mood in regular yoga practitioners
  • current evidence on the benefits of yoga in certain neurological diseases

Practice real time with yoga & meditation offered by Nicole Cronin. Reflect and share on how we can each apply this information in our lives and communities.

About :: Rebecca Michael, MD

Rebecca found love (of yoga) in a hopeless place. It was amidst the dark dreary winters of Cleveland, OH where she was completing her neurology residency at Cleveland Clinic. The yoga studio was warm (physically and metaphysically) and afterwards she felt wonderful. So she began practicing yoga regularly. In the Fall of 2017 she moved to San Francisco and started practicing yoga at The Pad while starting her neurology practice at UCSF.

Rebecca currently works as an associate professor and attending neurologist at the UCSF Department of Neurology. She sub specializes in headache and facial pain. She sees patients in clinic, supervises residents and often provides educational lectures to residents, colleagues and the community.

In the Fall of 2023 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at The Pad.

This workshop is separate from her professional affiliations and work at UCSF. But simply because of a sincere desire and curiosity in understanding and promoting a healthy mind for all.

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