LifeForce Workshop Presented by Soulful Wealth

February 11 @ 12:00-2:00pm
The Pad Studios,
Cost: $70 Exchange // 15% off for Members
Understand how to use your Human Design & Astroloogy signatures to operate from a place of divine wealth and abundance.

Soulful Wealth is on a mission to make each of us rich – soulfully rich.

True wealth, however, lies in aligning with what feels uniquely luxurious, pleasurable, and meaningful to each of us.

The LifeForce Workshop offers an exceptional opportunity for self-discovery, enriching your knowledge on how to navigate the world in pursuit of your greatest wealth and abundance.

If you’re:

  • Ready to achieve the relationship to your career, money, and power that you’ve always imagined
  • Open to mysticism and how it can guide you to wealth and abundance
  • Eager to joyfully and wholeheartedly pursue your unique path
  • Then the LifeForce Workshop is for you.

Led by Jenn Hirsch, founder and creator of Soulful Wealth, this workshop promises to connect you with your unique magic like never before.

Each participant will receive a customized LifeForce Blueprint based on your astrology, numerology, and human design. This Blueprint will guide the 2-hour workshop, providing personalized insights on waking up every day, vibrating with fulfillment, and exploring the infinite possibilities for wealth within your unique path and fate.

There will be light movement & light breathwork in both sessions.

Reserve your spot today! Limited spaces available for each session. Registration CLOSES 36 hours before the workshop, so sign up in advance!

About Jenn Hirsch & Soulful Wealth

As a professional Futurist for 20 years, I have always championed uncommon solutions and creative breakthroughs in all aspects of modern life. Money has been a lifelong exploration – what is it, how is it created, what purpose does secrecy, mysticism and taboo hold over it?

Both having a Wharton MBA and working with and for some of the leading financial institutions, entrepreneurs and innovators, it remains as elusive as ever.

Astrology is a way to find your unique path to wealth & abundance. To find ways to be infinitely creative within your fate. To find the points of free will and choice. To be more conscious & conscience of the systems we create and maintain in our pursuit of wealth.

I see the world as a series of stories that connect to others and create all the changes we see today and in the future.


Do I need to know anything about astrology or human design to attend the LifeForce Workshop?

  • No prior knowledge of astrology, numerology, or human design is required. The workshop is thoughtfully designed to provide everyone with meaningful insights, irrespective of their background or exposure to these concepts.

Is an exact birth time required to create a personalized LifeForce Blueprint?

  • No, an exact birth time is not mandatory. Providing an approximate birth time, along with your birth date and place during registration, is sufficient for generating your personalized LifeForce Blueprint.

What should I wear to the LifeForce Workshop?

  • We recommend comfortable clothing suitable for gentle movement. While we won’t be involved in strenuous activities, there will be occasional circulation throughout the room.

Will financial advice be given during the workshop?

  • Explicit financial advice will not be provided during the LifeForce Workshop. The focus is on exploring personal growth, self-discovery, and the alignment of individual desires with wealth principles.

15% off for all Members

Enrollment closes a day and a half before the event!

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