The Juicy Ladies’ Circle

February 11 @ 6:00pm-9:00pm
Cost: $85 Exchange
A monthly gathering dedicated to feminine embodiment, nourishment and community

The Juicy Ladies’ Circle is for women who want to gather in all our realness, rawness, power and depth and to come more fully alive within our bodies, hearts and minds.  Whatever is ready to be cultivated, birthed or transformed, can do so with simple rituals, support and reverence.  

We’ll move our bodies, expand our breath, meditate, play and relax.  Together we will expand our care for ourselves and each other, increase our awareness of our beautiful bodies, and welcome in greater embodiment of pleasure, sensuality, creativity and joy. You’ll head home feeling enlivened, inspired and supported by our circle.

Every month we’ll circle around a different theme, with a unique practice and topic to be explored.

February’s theme is “Coming Home to Your Body”


:: About Britt ::

Britt has taught yoga since 1997 and has spent 1000’s of hours studying Iyengar, Restorative, Perinatal, Therapeutic, Laughter Yoga, as well as Tantra, Viniyoga and Buddhism.  Her explorations extend into Pilates, physical therapy, dance, shamanism and myriad feminine embodiment practices that weave their way into her offerings.  Also a pleasure coach, birth educator, photographer and women’s circle facilitator, Britt always brings deep breaths, laughter and her connection to light to help others open, grow and celebrate their inner beauty.
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