Devotional Leadership- An Introduction to Leadership Embodiment

October 4 @ 6:15pm-9:00pm
The Pad Studios,
Cost: $65 Early Bird // $75 Week Of - 15% off for members
Join Nicole Cronin for a transformative workshop encompassing an array of embodied leadership practices easily applied within your daily life.


Nicole is drawn to the beauty and power of both the practice of yoga and leadership embodiment practices. The foundation of her somatic and embodied leadership training stems from a blend of Aikido, Buddhism, and Mindfulness. By incorporating these practices together, Nicole will help guide you on the path of more presence, more empowerment, more connection, more authenticity, and more love.


In this workshop, we will explore:
  • Practices that allow us to be more present, inclusive, and creative in our daily lives.
  • How to develop a more engaging and powerful presence with others.
  • How to increase your capacity to remain open and centered even in the face of breakdowns, big or negative emotions.
  • The power of clarifying and declaring what we are a commitment to.
  • And, how to step into a larger vision for yourself.

The same year that Nicole completed her first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, she also completed a 7 month leadership embodiment program. As Nicole continues her study and practice of yoga and leadership embodiment practices over the past decade, she continues to receive great benefit from both modalities, and also recognizes a myriad of complementary aspects between the two. She is thrilled to share them with you, in-person in a workshop format.

Are you ready to investigate what embodied leadership means for you, in a fun, accessible, and inspiring workshop? We look forward to welcoming you!


*15% off for Members

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