Essential SKI & SNOWBOARD Yoga Workshop

February 5 @ 1:00-3:00pm
Cost: $30


I recently came back from skiing and at 50 years old could not believe how good I felt and how well I skied! And I know that IT IS THE YOGA!

Yes, skiing and yoga are two activities at opposite ends of the spectrum. Where skiing is fast and exhilarating, yoga is calm and meditative. Although very different, both sports complement each other. The yang of fast paced skiing can be balanced with the contemplative yin of yoga.

When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, one of biggest benefits of using yoga, is injury prevention. We ask a lot from our bodies when we ski/snowboard – cold muscles must perform intensively, including the need for flexibility, balance and high levels of concentration. Not only that, skiing heavily dominates the muscles in the lower body, shortening them and leaving the upper body weak in comparison. Yoga helps to balance these bodily demands by lengthening tight muscles, strengthening the upper body and relaxing the mind.

By introducing yoga into your fitness program you’ll become a better skier. Join in this Essential SKI & SNOWBOARD Yoga Workshop and learn the 8 essential poses that will help you preventing injury and stay healthy and feeling great on the slopes.

All levels welcome.


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