Elevate Your Practice: The Art of Inversion

January 12 @ 6:00-7:30pm
The Pad Studios,
Cost: $40 Single Session

Embark on a journey to defy gravity and explore the transformative world of inversions in our immersive workshop, “Elevate Your Practice: The Art of Inversion.” Designed for yoga enthusiasts of all levels, this workshop is a unique opportunity to delve into the empowering realm of upside-down poses, cultivating strength, balance, and a fresh perspective on your practice.

Foundations of Inversion:
Learn the fundamentals of inversion poses, including headstands, handstands and more. Hayley will guide you through proper alignment, engagement techniques, and the essential building blocks to establish a strong foundation for your inversion practice.

Building Strength and Confidence:
Discover targeted exercises and drills to build the core and upper body strength required for successful inversions. Develop the confidence to overcome mental barriers, allowing you to approach inversions with courage and grace.

Mindful Progression:
Explore a progressive sequence that gradually introduces and refines inversion poses. With a focus on safety and alignment, participants will experience a step-by-step approach to mastering inversions, catering to individual abilities and comfort levels.

Partner and Wall Work:
Experience the support of your fellow practitioners as you delve into partner and wall-assisted inversions. These collaborative exercises enhance stability, trust, and the camaraderie that comes with shared exploration.

Mind-Body Connection:
Cultivate mindfulness through breathwork and meditation techniques specifically tailored to enhance your inversion practice. Develop a heightened awareness of your body, fostering a deeper connection between mind and movement.

Playful Exploration:
Embrace a playful and lighthearted approach to inversions, encouraging creativity and self-expression. Discover the joy in the journey of exploration.


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