Elemental Yin Series LiveStream with Britt Peterson

February 20 - March 20, 2022 @ 7:30-8:30pm
Cost: $30 Drop-in
In this Elemental Yin Yoga series will take place via Zoom every Sunday from 7:30-8:30pm starting February 20th with Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor, & Acupuncturist student Britt Peterson.


During these sessions Britt will guide you through five unique Yin Yoga practices associated with the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each class will focus on one of these elements and emphasize a gentle opening and stimulation of the paired meridians, or energetic pathways.


We will start by warming up the body with a mindful flow, encouraging a smooth flow of qi, or life force energy, and target specific pathways in the body using twists, heart openers, forward folds, and more. Our flow will wind down into a sweet and slow Yin class where each posture will be held for 2-5 minutes and incorporate various props for support. During the Yin portion of class, Britt will guide you through a soothing meditation weaving in the benefits of the entire practice as well as teach some self-massage acupressure points to further encourage free flow within the body. This class series is open to all levels and appropriate for anyone looking to slow down, relax and breathe and learn about the 5 Elements of TCM!


Yin Yoga is a practice that helps to mindfully lengthen and lubricate the connective tissue of the physical body by holding poses for two to five minutes while finding equanimity and peace in the subtle and emotional body by slowing down. The Yin practice encourages a 50%-70% capacity stretch in order to successfully target the connective tissue of the body, creating greater permanent elongation of the tissue and muscles. Not only does Yin promote a more permanent stretch of tight connective tissue and muscles, it also increases circulation to rid the body of toxins and supports healthy collagen production. Finally, by allowing ourselves to slow down and move qi, prana, or energy throughout the body, we can create space in all aspects of ourselves: body, thoughts, and emotions.

Sundays, 7:30-8:30pm

Class 1, WATER: February 20th
Class 2, WOOD: February 27th
Class 3, FIRE: March 6th
Class 4, EARTH: March 13th
Class 5, METAL: March 20th

“If there is free flow, there is no pain; if there is no free flow, there is pain.” -Chinese Medicine proverb

Cost: $30 Drop In

Classes CAN be taken individually, but keep in mind that each class will focus on a different element, therefore different meridians and parts of the body. We will try to stretch the entire body in each class so that everyone leaves feeling balanced.

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