Deep Release Restorative Yoga: Holiday Edition

November 22 @ 7:30-9:00pm
Cost: $30
The holidays may ask for a lot of energy to move outward, so it is an important time to recalibrate and turn your attention back inside for a nourishing Friday evening.

Connecting body, heart, and mind, this restorative workshop will guide you to leave behind the noise and tension of the outside world while dropping into your internal landscape. Lead by Emily Posselius, this experience is designed for you to create energetic balance and release into a deep inner peace. You will spend the evening resting in soothing restorative postures, surrounded by aromatherapy, and guided into a deep rest with yoga nidra.

Begin your holidays filled with nourishment, with practices to replenish your adrenals from everyday stress and create a foundation for sustainable empowerment.

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