Breath & Sound Meditation

September 16 @ 12:00-1:15pm
Cost: $55 Exchange
75-minute guided meditation using breath, sound and movement to bring your body and nervous system to a state of peace, calm and liberation. All levels are welcome.
Intention setting, Grounding, Breathwork Journey & Integration.

  • We will be laying down for the journey and yoga mats and blankets will be provided.
  • Please bring¬†anything that makes you feel most comfortable & supported: Water bottle, eye mask, journal & pen, crystals etc.
About McKenzie


McKenzie is a Certified Trauma-Informed & Somatic Breathwork Expert who works with individuals and groups on regulating their nervous systems using breath, sound and movement. Inspired by the physiological and energetics benefits that breathwork can offer its participants, she is passionate in her belief that breathwork has something to offer for everyone. Her goal is to make breathwork accessible and approachable to anyone desiring to feel peace, calm and liberation.


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