Synchronized Movement & Breathwork Workshop

January 7 @ 2:15-5:15pm
Cost: $50 Exchange

Discover the personal and collective benefits of synchronized movement and the power of Wim Hof Method Breathwork in this 3 hour workshop.

A mash-up of movement, mindfulness, and collective energy; students will be led through reflective prompts, facilitated conversation, playful games, and moderate exercise, to experience the impact that movement and breath have on our relationship with self and others.

Students will learn the groundbreaking science of the Wim Hof Method. By strengthening the cardiovascular and immune systems, lowering cortisol levels, and increasing endurance, students will be empowered to gain a new sense of self-awareness and autonomy over the body’s nervous system.



Megan is a Wim Hof Method Instructor with a focus on connecting movement with science-backed practices that allow people to access the depths of their physical and mental being.  After battling multiple years of health issues that turned out to be from breast implant illness, she dove into research on holistic health and lifestyle. After being introduced to breathwork, she came to experience a profoundly positive impact on both her physical and psychological states. Paired with the adrenaline and dopamine-infused rush of a cold plunge, it created a sense of accomplishment and resilience her body had been craving for years of fighting foreign objects in her own body. She was hooked and knew she needed to share the magic of this practice with others.
Megan will be guiding Wim Hof Method breathing; scientific breathing techniques that improve your energy level, detox your body, reduce stress levels, rebalance the nervous system and strengthen your immune system. Going deep into your own physiology takes a willingness to move out of your natural comfort zone. The time to unleash your inner power is now!

Victoria found the joy of movement as a little girl dancing, twirling, tumbling and cheering into adulthood. A foot injury in college led her to expand her expectations of fitness into a lifestyle that supports mind, body, and soul through her work with an Ayurvedic coach. 

Dazzled by the effects that came from integrating Pilates, Yoga, and breathwork into her traditionally high intensity training, she began to transform towards a more peaceful, holistic life. 

During her 15 years as an Educator and Mental Health Professional, she has recognized the meaningful impact the combination of mindfulness and movement has on all bodies, of all ages. She is a certified fitness instructor, certified yoga instructor, and collaborates on events and workshops to bring the celebration of mindful movement to our communities.


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