A Living Practice: Philosophy Discussion & Meditation Series

May 19 @ 6:00-7:45pm
Cost: $40 Single Session
Curious to deepen your understanding of yoga beyond the mat?


Join Lauren for an inspiring and insightful spring series, focused on applying yoga philosophy to our everyday lives. Each session will include guided meditation and explore a different set of teachings and how they apply to our time both on and off the mat. You do not need to attend every session to participate. This series is open to all, whether you’re new to the practice, wanting to deepen your existing practice, considering a teacher training or are already teaching.


*Option to practice in the 4:30pm Vinyasa class before for no additional cost


In this series we will dive into many topics and inquiries including (and not limited to):


  • What is yoga and why do we practice?
  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga and how they relate to our everyday lives (specifically the Yamas and Niyamas)
  • Key themes and teachings within the Yoga Sutras
  • What it means to take our practice “off the mat”


*15% off for Members

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